It is with good spirits that the Gamma Zeta Boulé Foundation (GZBF) greets you as we navigate a most unique set of global circumstances in 2020. Specifically, under the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, widespread racial justice campaigns, and the combination of a vibrant political climate and highly anticipated election season, we are compelled to make our contribution to this movement enduring beyond the moment. In line with that missional mandate, Ramsey Jay, Jr., GZBF’s President, was blessed to share a message titled “Amplifying This Supernatural Moment of Unity” at The Rock Christian Fellowship (Long Beach, CA). The message shares words of inspiration, combined with practical opportunities to advance the ideals of unity and equality, while addressing the necessary complex of race and justice. It is GZBF’s hope that President Jay’s words resonate deeply, and amplifies your engagement at such a time as this. We welcome your thoughts and, if so moved, encourage you to share it with others

Equally important, we hope that our first newsletter of the Fall continues to provides evidence of us advancing our tripartite agenda while navigating the elements of the pandemic: (1) Communication (2) Engagement and (3) Giving. Finally, we are dedicating our Fall kick off newsletter to the memories of Mr. Julius Johnson, Esq. (founding member of Gamma Zeta Boulé and the Gamma Zeta Boulé Foundation where he was a sitting Board member) and Ms. Genita (Gigi) Evangelista Johnson (underwriter of the GZBF Taryn Lisa Johnson Scholarship and the life partner of Richard Allen Williams, M.D.). Julius and Gigi’s contributions of time, talent and treasurer made it possible for GZBF to thrive and make an indelible imprint in the lives of countless youth and our broader community. We recognize their heavenly promotion with hearts of thanksgiving.