Leading up to the beginning of the Gamma Zeta Boule Foundation’s 16th season the L.A.M.P. Leadership Team continued to develop strategies that are geared to enhance the experiences of Mentees as they traverse through the entire L.A.M.P. Mentor/Mentee curriculum.

Recognizing that an integral part of the Mentees application for admission to Colleges and Universities across this nation, in addition to their academic accomplishments is also their community service involvement and demonstrated experiences.

The L.A.M.P. Leadership Team therefore agreed on the strategy that will purposefully and overtly assure that each Mentee will be provided the opportunity to “Lead” while participating in the L.A.M.P. program.

Commencing in the 2021/22 program year, the L.A.M.P. Leadership Team established six Mentee Leadership Committees that are led by the Mentees themselves and are only advised by an adult

To accomplish this strategy, L.A.M.P. established six Mentee-lead committees – Alumni Engagement; Community Outreach; Events Planning; Fundraising; Graduation Ceremony and Recruiting/Social Media.

The manner in which this strategy has been implemented is, each Mentee not only sits on one or more Mentee-lead committee, but each Mentee will also have an opportunity to lead as Committee Chairman or Co-Chairman.

The chairman of each committee is a high school junior (Mentees in the 11th grade in high school). The Seniors who serve on any committee starting in the 2022/23 program year would have had the experience of being the chairman of one or more committees and in addition to continuing to work on the committee on which they are now serving, will be able to advise and provide guidance to the new committee chairman and to the committee overall.

The L.A.M.P. Leadership Team believes that all of these experiences will contribute greatly to the continued development of “Leaders” that is integral to the “L” in Leadership in L.A.M.P.