According to Wikipedia, “A tradition is a belief or behavior (folk custom) passed down within a group or society with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past”.

Another dictionary source defined tradition as – “The passing down of elements of a culture from generation to generation, especially by oral communication”.

Both definitions were proven and demonstrated to be true on December 18, 2021, when L.A.M.P. continued its annual tradition of bringing back former Mentees who are now at universities across this land to speak to, and provide advice to, and take questions from the current Mentees.

The session was moderated by the president of Gamma Zeta Boule Foundation, Ramsey Jay Jr. (above) and was attended by twenty-six (26) Mentees, ten (10) Archons, numerous parents, and guests including the press.

The moderator prepared questions on his yellow pad that elicited conversational responses from the alumni about their experiences at university – their preparation for the academic rigors; how well the Time Management sessions taught by L.A.M.P. Mentors helped them to prepare for assignments and projects at university, and so on.

The exchange between the moderator, Ramsey Jay, Jr., the Alumni and the Mentees lasted for approximately one hour. To a person, the Mentees as well as the audience at large were fully engaged as the Alumni spoke directly to them throughout the session.

After introducing themselves to the audience, the Alumni shared advice on a wide number of topics that they have navigated through so far in their college experiences. One very important bit of advice to Mentees from one L.A.M.P. Alumnus stressed the importance of the student taking proactive steps to connect and engage with their professors and to impress upon them the student’s interest in the professor’s subject matter.

These Alumni also shared how different college is from high school. They emphasized that the independence one gains by being away at college, strongly requires the student to be disciplined and properly manage his time in ways he might not have imagined before going to college. All Alumni on the panel agreed strongly on this point.

Another Alumnus stressed how important it is to manage one’s finances while at college. He explained that he looks for coupon saving opportunities to stretch each dollar that he possesses.

Towards the final segment of the session, it was the Mentees turn to ask questions of the Alumni. There were many illuminating questions and answers that continued to keep everyones attention.

The final question from the moderator to the Alumni was, “were there questions that they wanted to be asked by the Mentees that they had not yet heard”. There were a few, with one of the most thought-provoking ones being, “who among you are planning to go to college?”
It was indeed a moment of satisfaction to see a hand from each Mentee raised.

This gathering of Alumni and Mentees was yet another successful event and was hosted by Mr. and Mrs. DeWalt and Kristina Brown. The event attracted several guests including a representative from the Pasadena Rose Bowl, Ernie Carnanez, Chair of Membership of the Tournament of Roses; Blair Imani, author of the Book “Read This to Get Smarter” and members of the press from Pasadena Now.

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