Dylan Wilson is a former L.A.MP. Mentee, Class of 2021 and current L.A.M.P. alumnus. He is attending California State University in Northridge, majoring in business. However, before he entered high school, Dylan knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur and started his business.

Dylan is the Founder and CEO of the firm, DWLUXURY.

His company’s product portfolio includes exotic sports cars and other luxury merchandise. He loves high-end car models, clothing, and paraphernalia.

When asked how and when his interest in this line of business started, Dylan said, “I have always been fascinated with sports cars from Lamborghini to Porsche to Bugatti. Most people dream of owning one. And now they can on a small scale, thanks to DWLUXURY”.

Dylan, a self-driven entrepreneur, participated as a panel member during the December 2021 L.A.M.P. Alumni Reunion session. In that session he challenged the current Mentees as to what they were doing about reaching their stated goals, while at the same time encouraged them to do something daily as a step towards achieving their goals.

To keep up with this enterprising young Black man, a former L.A.M.P. Mentor Program Mentee, visit Dylan Wilson’s company DWLUXARY at www.dwluxury.com.co and on Instagram at dw_luxury_.