The November Workshop on Consulting as a Career brought us back to the Pasadena Rosebud Academy. The speakers were three highly accomplished consultants from the world’s largest consulting firm, Deloitte ( In this workshop, the Mentees heard from three speakers who possessed vast consulting experiences in different roles at Deloitte. The speakers were – Mr. Donte Apperwhite, Manager of Workspace Services; Mr. Leric Banks; and Mr. Brendan Peterson.

As the Ice Breaker for this workshop, Ramsey Jay challenged the Mentees to develop a curriculum statement for the L.A.M.P. Mentor Program using the two pillars of L.A.M.P. – Leadership-Achievement-Management-Professionalism and, Learn-Ask-Meet-Promise and including a mathematical formula that described The L.A.M.P. Mentor Program. The Mentees were divided into four groups and had 10 minutes to develop the curriculum statement. Each group presented their Statement to the consultants from Deloitte who were the speakers for the day.

This Workshop was mutually beneficial to the Mentees as well as the speakers because, after a brief introduction by each consultant, the Mentees were divided into three groups to meet with each speaker in a breakout room where the questions from Mentees to speaker were in full exchange. The consultants later commented on how they wished that they could have been exposed to a program such as L.A.M.P. during their formative years.