What a year it has been, and we are only halfway through. The 2022-23 L.A.M.P. Program year has been nothing but spectacular and there are five months to go before the highly acclaimed L.A.M.P. Scholarship Celebration where the High School Seniors matriculate from being L.A.M.P. Mentees to L.A.M.P. Alumni who are on their way to a College or University.

In this edition of The Brotherhood! we will recount the various Events, Workshops, and Activities that made the first half of the 2022-23 program year so very special and meaningful to the L.A.M.P. Mentees month by month.

The acronym L.A.M.P. which stands for Leadership – Achievement – Management – Professionalism now has a secondary meaning that has been integrated into each Workshop starting in the 2023-23 program year. Mentees now know that at each workshop they are to practice the second meaning of L.A.M.P. which is to – Learn – Ask – Meet – Promise.

Specifically, they are to Learn something from the speakers; Ask questions to learn more from the speakers; Meet someone new (including the workshop speakers), and Promise to do something about what they just learned in the workshop.

Both meanings are standing pillars in the L.A.M.P. Program and therefore guide the expectations of each workshop.