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On behalf of the Gamma Zeta Boulé Foundation (GZBF) Board of Directors we bid you a most congenial New Year’s greeting as we welcome the 23rd year, of the 21st century, of the 3rd millennium. GZBF continues to advance a very prescriptive dual agenda to (1) fortify our internal institutional infrastructure and (2) dynamically innovate our external matrix of operating programs. We are making considerable progress on both items and for further insight, below is a two-point update on the latter (an update on the former will be provided in February). STEAMposium 2023 Innovation On March 18, 2023 GZBF is honored to once again co-sponsor the 2023 STEAMposium, themed STEAM to [...]

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L.A.M.P. Mentor Program The Year in Review


What a year it has been, and we are only halfway through. The 2022-23 L.A.M.P. Program year has been nothing but spectacular and there are five months to go before the highly acclaimed L.A.M.P. Scholarship Celebration where the High School Seniors matriculate from being L.A.M.P. Mentees to L.A.M.P. Alumni who are on their way to a College or University. In this edition of The Brotherhood! we will recount the various Events, Workshops, and Activities that made the first half of the 2022-23 program year so very special and meaningful to the L.A.M.P. Mentees month by month. The acronym L.A.M.P. which stands for Leadership – Achievement – Management – Professionalism now has [...]

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The August L.A.M.P. Workshop is usually the first session of the Program year, and this year was no different. In the 2022-23 program year, we enrolled thirty-six (36) Mentees of which approximately 50 percent were from the Pasadena area and the other 50 percent were from surrounding communities such as the San Fernando Valley, the Santa Clarita Valley, and Los Angeles. This cohort of students is grade-level stratified as follows – Freshmen (7); Sophomores (8); Juniors (11), and Seniors (10). The speakers at the August Workshop were three professionals (Mr. Everad Williams; Mr. Mark Page, and Mr. Kevin Bathune) from the Art Center College of Design (https://www.artcenter.edu ) in Pasadena, California. [...]


Public Speaking With Professor Ian Lising


For the September Workshop, the L.A.M.P. Mentor Program invited Professor Ian Lising to talk about and provide pointers and assistance on Public Speaking. Professor Lising teaches Speech and Communication at the University of La Verne. This workshop met at the Pasadena Rosebud Academy. Shawn Brumfield, the Director of the Academy, has graciously allowed the L.A.M.P. Mentor Program to meet at the Academy for the once-a-month workshops, and we thank her for her continued support of the Program. As is the custom at the L.A.M.P. Mentor Program, after registration and breakfast, the workshop began with an Ice Breaker led by Mentor Ramsey Jay, Jr. As part of the Ice Breaker, Mentor Jay [...]

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Meeting With Alumni


The L.A.M.P. workshop each December is quite special because it is when former L.A.M.P. Mentees, the Alumni of this program come back to speak to the current Mentees. This year, nine Alumni returned to speak candidly with the Mentees. The contingent of Alumni spanned the spectrum of 2022 graduates from L.A.M.P. to Sophomores; Juniors; Seniors, in universities across this nation to a former Mentee who has been in the workforce for a while, working in wealth management for Goldman Sachs. Though it is not customary for anyone who is not a Mentee or a Mentor or a Speaker to attend L.A.M.P. workshops, we usually break this custom in the December meeting [...]

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